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SAVING GRACE - Series Book 1


Jaelynn and Kaelynn DepProvoue are twins emancipated by their parents at the age of sixteen. Having sold their worldly possessions, the parents purchase a yacht to sail around the world.

The girls started modeling professionally during their last school year for the Farini Agency based in Paris, France.

The agency is a front for illegal operations, including human trafficking. One twin gets caught in the Farini's snare while the other unknowingly escapes. As the years pass, one twin disappears. The other is frantic to find her.


Available today on Amazon In EPUB, Soft Cover – Cover Art by Kayla Ridley


HEALING GRACE - Series Book 2


Grace's healing from being sex-trafficked continues in this edition. She and Justin Jureau have started their new married life together, but how do you build a solid relationship when one of you is gone nine months out of the year?


Add children to the mix, and real challenges must be overcome. Find out how Justin and Grace navigate her journey in HEALING GRACE, part of the Saving Grace series.


Available today on Amazon In EPUB, Soft Cover – Cover Art by Kayla Ridley




In Wyoming, Justin and Grace Jureau own a Baseball Training Camp to prepare high school and college students for professional baseball. Grace has been recording her music and doing well commercially.


Over the years, they now have four children. The family is far from perfect, but they are perfectly happy together. 


The camp has a long waiting list due to its success and COVID restrictions. Grace’s mother, Natalia, lives in an apartment in the dormitory, where she is the camp’s Chef.

Available today on Amazon In EPUB, Soft Cover – Cover Art by Kayla Ridley


Finding GRACE - Series Book 4


Seven years after Justin Jureau’s passing, Grace finds herself stuck. Trying to kick-start her life again, she takes a trip to Newport Beach in Southern California. While there, she takes a long walk on the beach, talking to Jesus as if He were walking beside her.

Finally, Jesus nudges Grace to sit down and journal her feelings, which she has done numerous times. She wonders what could come of it again.

While writing, she hears the still small voice of Holy Spirit say that He will bring someone alongside her to live out the rest of her days with. Grace has no idea who this person will be or even what gender. Would this be a friend or a romantic relationship?

Coming Soon to Amazon and everywhere books are sold.

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