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Wrestling With Grace

Grace is rescued from human trafficking by Matt, but Matt was acting on Grace from Holy Spirit. Grace did not come to know Jesus until Matt was in a coma. What drew her to Jesus?

This question begs an answer. Was it Matt's quiet but consistent faith? Was it Holy Spirit alone? Both questions are valid and the answer is yes.

Grace witnessed Matt's consistent faith. She was also challenged by questions Matt asked regarding her own faith foundation of which she realized she had none.

Matt walked out his faith in front of Grace on a daily basis, but then he went into a coma.

How did that draw Grace toward Jesus? She decides to attend Matt's church to gain a better understanding of his faith. She runs straight into Jesus in a way she has never encountered him before. Still the big question remains; how could Jesus allow her to go through everything she has? Why didn't he spare her from the trafficking?

Saving Grace doesn't answer these questions on purpose. God is a God of redemption and he redeems Grace in a profound way. In Healing Grace, she walks through healing and restoration. She has to deal with what she has been through. This begs the question; why doesn't God simply fix us from everything when we give our lives to him? This question as well is not answered on purpose.

These are all things we must wrestle with as followers of Jesus Christ. It's part of our healing journey too. If we don't wrestle with them, they get piled up in our soul and can serve to distract us from future growth. We must wrestle with God! He is not offended or put off in any way when we come to him with difficult questions, He relishes it.

May our journeys be filled with wrestling and new understandings of Jesus love for us.

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