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Worship in the 22 church

There are some really great worship songs coming out of the people of God in these days. I love the words and the heart of worship that is present in the lyrics.

BUT… I am conflicted by the presentation. Many large churches put on a worship concert rather than leading people into worship. We even clap at the end of the song, often for the presentation rather than the object of the lyrics.

Am I being too harsh? I don’t think so.

Just watch some Youtube videos of these services and songs. The worship leader is dancing around on the stage like any secular singer of the world during a concert.

My Question… Are we leading people into the presence of almighty God, or has the Church become spectators at a worship concert?

Keep reading… I know that the act of worship is upon the one worshipping. Each of us are responsible to engage Jesus in worship for ourselves.

The responsibility of the worship leader is to lead by example, entering into the presence of God before they ever step onto the stage. (Maybe we should get rid of the “stage” the lighting and all of the “show” things altogether?)

I understand the logistics of raising a platform so that a large group of people can see over the heads of those in front of them.

I am not against dancing in the spirit, as long as it is the spirit of God and not something else.

I am not against worship concerts, I’ve been to several and I have experienced a corporate download of God’s presence. I am in awe of a large arena of people, hands and faces lifted up to Jesus in complete surrender and worship. It is awe inspiring.

I am referring to an attitude that our enemy can use to tickle our sense of self. Artists are particularly susceptible to this temptation and therefore must spend more time on our faces than on the stage. More time practicing our music alone than performing before a crowd.

Remember the first act of worship was Abraham’s attitude and determination to offer his promised son, Isaac, on an altar as a burnt sacrifice! Only when God saw his heart and sincerity did he provide the ram.

May the God of the universe see our hearts open wide and bare to him every time we enter into his presence to worship him alone.

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