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Who is this JESUS?

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

In Matthew, Jesus is our Messiah

In Mark He is our Servant King

In Luke He is the Great Physician

In John He is the Son of God

In Acts He is the Risen Lord

In Romans He is our Righteousness

In Corinthians He is our Holiness

In Galatians He is our Justification

In Ephesians He is our Perfection

In Philippians He is our Provider

In Colossians He is our Hope

In Thessalonians He is our Coming King

In Timothy He is our Shepherd

In Titus He is our Rewarder

In Philemon He is our Encourager

In Hebrews He is our High Priest

In James He is our Wisdom

In Peter He is our Inheritance

In I, II, III John He is our Lover

In Jude He is our Warrior

In Revelation He is The Alpha and Omega! Beginning and the End!

He is JESUS!

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