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Who Am I To Be Loved By YOU

I am a preacher’s kid, a PK. My earliest remembrances were of my Dad either studying for Bible school, or being gone to work. He worked full time and went to Bible College full time as well. He was a busy guy.

After college, he devoted his life to full time ministry, while also working full time jobs. Whenever the phone would ring, he was gone to minister to someone’s needs. This left me with a warped sense of what Father God was like.

I knew that God would show up and touch people’s lives without a question, but not me. I thought he would never get around to my needs or problems. He would show up for everyone else, but only me if he had any time left over.

One day, during worship service, God told me that this was not my Father’s heart, and that it was never my father’s heart either. That moment was life changing for me.

Now I count on God being who He says He is; Counselor, Savior, Healer, Restorer, Rebuilder, Provider, A Banner and a Name Plate on my heart.

I am a child of God.

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