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Which Altar?

What altars do we worship at? It sounds like an odd question, but we all have them. My first answer would be the foot of the cross. But let’s be honest; we also have other altars: family, work, sports, TV, or even ministry—a shock, I know. As life gets busy, we hustle around balancing

work, kids, and many things that jump up and down to get our full attention. But Jesus waits patiently for us to acknowledge him, to spend time with him, and to worship him outside of our ministry.

How could one worship at the altar of ministry? Anything we put before Jesus is an altar. The first of the ten commandments is you shall have no other God before me. Then in the New Testament, Jesus asked what the greatest commandment and his answer was, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.” Then he added, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

What are the first things we do in the mornings when we get up without getting into legalism? I’m not saying that we have to read our Bible and pray before we get out of bed, but is Jesus on your mind and heart as you stumble into the bathroom? Does He get our praise throughout the day?

Jesus often made a point of “getting away” to spend time with the Father, setting aside precious time to be with God. Our hearts should long for and seek out time to be with Jesus throughout the day, even if It’s just to give thanks for our meal. Jesus wants to be everything to us, not to the point that we are no earthly good, mind you, but everything that matters.

So I will ask again, what altars do we worship at?

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