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The Same God

How often do we read a Bible account and relegate it to the category of “story”? It’s easy to do, especially the more we hear the “story”.

But the God of those “stories” is the SAME GOD in our lives!

Often we want to see God do Miracles like he did in the Bible, but He is the SAME GOD now that He was then. What’s changed?

The only other variable in the equation is us, we are different people than the ones in the Bible “stories”. The question is, how do we believe in the SAME GOD? Are we tentative in our faith? I don’t think so.

God performs miracles so that He will get the GLORY; not the person praying for the miracle, not the person receiving the miracle, not the person retelling the account of the miracle. To God be all the Glory. He is the one greatly to be praised!

Tap into this: God is the SAME GOD he was in Bible times as He is TODAY!

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