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The Grave is Still Empty

When Jesus said It Is Finished, he gave up his life.

When he was laid in the tomb, his spirit went into the depths to take the keys to death and hell from satan.

It Is Finished - the work that cannot be undone! Salvation was paid for once and for all time. We have access to all of God’s goodness in powerful ways that the ancients didn’t have access to, Holy Spirit!

And here’s a thought to spark on for a while…

The Grave is Still Empty! Jesus ascended to heaven and never returned to the grave, at least not in death. He had shed his earthly body.

One day you and I will die, and we, too, will shed our earthly bodies. But our earthly body will remain in a grave; our spirit will soar with Jesus in the heavenly realms. Oh, what a day that will be.

We have all that Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit offer because that grave is still empty. Death has been swallowed up in victory.

Yes! And Amen!

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