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The God of Adam and Eve

In Scripture we always see the God of Jacob, Isaac and David written, but what about the God of Adam and Eve?

I was asked one time of all the women in the Bible, which one would I want to be? I thought about it for several minutes, mentally scrolling through the great women of the Bible, and said Eve! I would want to be Eve.

Not because she sinned and brought sin into a sinless world and ruined it for all of the rest of humanity, but because she walked and talked with God, face-to-face in the Garden of Eden.

How amazing that must have been.

Today we have the presence of God and we have the ministry of Holy Spirit, but I am not convinced that we experience God’s presence as intensely as Adam and Eve did. I believe that we will only experience what they had with God when we get to heaven. Why? Because we live in a fallen world post sin’s entrance.

Oh, I long for the day when we will experience what they did on a daily basis. But for now I endeavor to seek God continually and to get as close to Him as I am able to here on earth.

How about you? May God be with us…

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