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The Gift

During the holiday season it is customary to give and receive gifts. Some save for the event all year.

What constitutes a gift is that it is given without any expectation in return. God gave us the gift of Jesus, but he definitely wants something in return... everything we are.

We usually give gifts within our financial or physical means, but God gave Jesus with ALL of who he is and All of his means. So when you see the cute little quip that says "Jesus, the reason for the season" it's absolutely true.

Jesus IS the gift to the world, the bridge back to relationship with God. The relationship He wanted us to have. Those who belong to Christ can experience a little bit of what Adam and Eve had before they sinned.

That doesn't mean we are without sin, far from it, but we can experience a tiny bit of what it could have been like when we lean into his presence and behold his glory.

Jesus is the Gift!

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