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Our Freedom

Throughout history, freedom has had a price. Adam and Eve had the ultimate freedom in the Garden of Eden, yet they blew it. From that point on, forgiveness cost an innocent animal's life and bloodshed.

Thousands of years later, the children of Israel had been waiting for the promised Messiah; they thought he would give them freedom from Roman rule.

They were desperate but for all the wrong reasons. They needed freedom from their sins and the plethora of laws imposed on them over and above the given ones by God.

Jesus came and paid the price for freedom and forgiveness with his life and shed blood.

When the British subjects living on the American Continent fought the Revolutionary War, their freedom was paid for with the blood of thousands of Colonists. We celebrate this freedom every year in July.

Shed blood has been the price for freedom since Adam and Eve. Today we have the shed blood of Jesus to thank for our spiritual freedom and the blood of thousands of soldiers to thank for our personal freedom in the United States. Pray that we don’t fall asleep and allow this freedom that we fought so hard for to be squandered and discarded by a few.

As important as our national freedom is, our freedom and forgiveness from sin are far more important! It is the difference between LIFE and Death. Because of Jesus shed blood, we are free from the bondage of sin and have the assurance of eternal life in Heaven.

Happy Freedom from Tyranny Day!

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