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New Power

At the wedding in Cana in John 2, Jesus, his disciples, and his mother were there when the wine ran out. This would have been an immense social disgrace for the bride and groom's family.

When the wine ran out, Jesus’ mother might have said to him, “Do something.” And Jesus’ reply was, “Why are you telling me this? My time has not yet come.”

His mother told the servants to do whatever he told them to do. And, of course, Jesus steps into the crisis and told the servants to fill the six empty stone jars with water. (Each jar held about 20-30 gallons.)

After this, Jesus told them to draw some out and take it to the head steward, so they did.

(Can you imagine their fear and trembling? What if the water was just water? What would happen to them?)

The steward was shocked that the host had saved such excellent wine for late in the celebration. Most served the best first until the guests were drunk and wouldn’t care about the quality.

I wonder what would happen in the world today if we, as BELIEVERS in Jesus, did exactly what He told us to do. I question his direction more than I should, even though He is patient and understanding. But what would happen if I did exactly what He told me to do when He told me to do it?

Where there is New Wine, there is New Power! This was Jesus’ first miracle and displayed His power for the first time. I want to see that kind of power in my world.

Side Note: I wonder who else knew that the jugs were full of water just a moment before the master of the wedding took a sip.

Let’s be bold! Let’s obey instantly and see what New Power God will display through us!

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