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Looking Forward

I have been reading through the Bible this year and I must say, the Old Testament is hard. It’s hard to read, hard to understand and hard to make sense of. I find myself looking forward to getting to the New Testament.

Looking forward! It’s a repeated forecast of the Old Testament. Since Adam and Eve, the Bible has been a book encouraging God’s people that he will send a Messiah. I get bored with the repetition of God’s people worshipping the one true God, then rebelling and following after idols they can see and touch. I wonder if God ever get’s bored with my life? The answer, of course, is no, God is a far greater being than I.

My son has started reading the Bible for himself, a huge answer to prayer. But he started reading in the Old Testament. He is overwhelmed by the complexities of the books and why God promises destruction then changes his mind. He is convinced that these “plot holes” may actually prove that Christianity is not the way to God. I can see his point, so I opened his Bible to John in the New Testament and challenged him to read this book.

My son, like the people recorded in the Old Testament, is looking for the real thing, the real God. He is like so many in his generation. I pray everyday that God will make himself real to him. I know that he will, and I look forward to that day.

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