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Like I Am

No one knows me as I know myself except God. I know my flaws and the things that aren’t lovely about myself.

But God sees me even more clearly than I see myself and more so than anyone else.

I see things very differently than most people. This perspective can be eye-opening when it is seen as an asset. Often it is off-putting to others, and they don’t quite know how to accept me. I have learned to live with this; It’s how God made me.

But here’s the thing: God knows me inside and out and loves me even at my worst. That doesn’t mean things in me don’t need to change; believe me, I know a lot that does. But it’s important that I accept myself as I am, the good, bad, and ugly.

I am so glad God doesn’t back up a truck and dump the whole of my flaws on me all at once, aren’t you? Who could handle that? That’s not how God works, so it’s not how we should handle people, either. Grace and Mercy are always the tools that God uses on us. We should also be quick to utilize them when dealing with others.

As followers of Jesus, we need to be very careful in how we deal with our fellow humans. Jesus, teach us to love them as you do.

Thank you for loving me Like I Am but not leaving me that way.

Enjoy this lyric video from For King and Country

Love Me Like I Am

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