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Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Kaelynn DepProvoue Laurent is Jaelynn/Grace's twin sister. They grew up in the North West of France in a town called Le Havre.

Both girls learned how to cook from their Chef Mother, Natalia DepProvoue, and are excellent in their own rights.

Kaelynn meets and marries Jon Pierre Laurent, a photographer she encounters while modeling. Kae has no idea of what Jae is dealing with until she disappears.

Kaelynn is a strong woman of great character. She and Jon Pierre (JP) also become followers of Jesus.

They have three children and raise them in Australia, where she and JP moved. They opened Laurent Studios, a place where ordinary people can be treated like a model and photographed. Their studio is and instant hit, and within two years they expand and open another location.

You can follow the Laurent's journey as well as other characters in Saving Grace, Healing Grace, and available where ever fine books are sold.

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