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Jon Pierre Laurent

Jon Pierre (JP) Laurent is Matt Wilson's best friend and a fellow photographer in the modeling trade. During the course of Saving Grace, he and Kaelynn DepProvoue meet, get married and start a family.

JP is unaware of the illegal activities behind the Farini's Modeling Agency, at least the human trafficking part. Being married to Kaelynn, neither have any idea that Grace is being trafficked for the Agencies profit.

When Jaelynn, Kaelynn's twin sister, goes missing, both Kae and JP are terrified at the implications. Jae's purse and keys are found inside her flat and the door unlocked; all things that are uncharacteristic of her.

JP becomes Kaelynn's rock, a source of strength and security as they wait for some word as to what has happened to Jaelynn. This tragedy, though terrifying, serves to strengthen their relationship.

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