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Jesus Is The Passover

As a protestant growing up in a Christian family, (my father was a Pastor), Passover was always an Easter thing. I never really gave it much thought.

Today I am thinking bout the era in which the first Passover was initiated. In Egypt, the last of a long line of plagues God poured out over the Egyptian people for enslaving the Israelites was taking place.

This last plague was the killing of each first born living thing in Egypt. In other words every firstborn child would be killed over this one night. Even the Israelite children, every man, woman, child and animal was included.

UNLESS! Such a powerful word. Unless the household’s door frame had the blood (not paint) of a sacrificed lamb painted on it, then the death angel would pass-over that house. No one who was inside that home would die.

Skipping ahead several thousand years, Jesus was crucified and buried on Friday, during passover week. He was raised from the dead, victorious over death and sin that Sunday. It is on that Sunday that we celebrate Easter.

But let’s not casually skip over Passover. God himself sent the death angel over Egypt, and only those inside the home with the blood of the sacrifice over the door frame were spared.

Jesus was sacrificed at Passover and raised to life again on Easter. Our hearts are now the home where He resides. Jesus is now the blood on the doorpost of our lives so judgement may pass-over those in whom he resides.

This Easter season, let Jesus be our Passover!

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