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Heart Space

When God speaks, do we listen? Do we let the weight of His words sink in or casually bounce off of our awareness? I know that when God speaks it is significant! Awareness is good, but not enough.

If God speaks through His word, then surely He speaks to our heart. And if He speaks to our heart it is significant enough to wright down.

We have the entirety of the Bible today because God spoke His words to human beings who stopped what they were doing and wrote them down.

My Dad used to say "don't be so heavenly minded that you're no earthly good". As true as that statement is, too often I'm not in a heart space to really listen when God speaks. But I want to be!

Now it's up to me to walk it out on a daily basis. I must give God space and time to speak to me. I know He will, He is faithful.

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