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Grave Clothes = Healing

I was recently reminded of the story of Lazarus while attending a memorial service. I envisioned Lazarus coming out of the grave with the burial clothes still wrapped around him. Jesus said to those standing nearby, unwrap the burial clothes and let him go.

As we come to Jesus, he wants to set us free from what encumbers us. But these "grave clothes" have to be unwrapped. We come with baggage from our sin and our past. We have hurts, habits and things that hang us up. These things have to be unraveled in order to free us.

Often, Jesus miraculously frees us when we accept his gift of forgiveness, but it doesn't happen that way for everyone. Some of us need to allow stuff to be unraveled by God's loving and tender hands. This is a process designed to bring us closer to God and strengthen our faith.

Nothing is ever waisted with Jesus. He has a master plan for our lives and works in us to complete us to his standard. He is the architect and the builder and we are in good hands.

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