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Updated: Jun 12, 2021

Grace is the main character for the first three books of the Saving Grace Series;

Saving Grace, Healing Grace and Sustaining Grace.

We meet Jaelynn DepPravoue as a young girl and find out that she has a twin sister, Kaelynn. Together they get into modeling at the age of seventeen. Later Jaelynn's name is changed to Grace by Witness Security.

Grace is a strong woman, she has been through things that would cause most people to throw in the towel and give up on life. She somehow digs down deep inside and survives sex-trafficking and all of it's emotional and psychological abuses.

Grace does the work with a psychologist to stay the course of long term healing. She knows she is broken and continually struggles with not feeling good enough for anything or anyone.

Toward the end of Saving Grace, she finally gives over control of her life to Jesus and becomes a follower. She can now build her life and her journey to recovery on his foundation instead of her own broken past.

Along the journey with Grace, we learn a great deal about God's grace and forgiveness.

Get your copy here and join the journey. Saving Grace can be purchased on Amazon.

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