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Fill My Cup

Updated: Jan 23

2023 is off and running. Many have made new years resolutions, things they resolve to change, add or delete from their lives this year.

My heart is crying out for a new filling from Holy Spirit. I want a fresh anointing, a new wine to fill me up and run over. I want to touch more people with positive inspiration.

Our lives are a journey into the unknown, but we don’t venture out on our own! God is in the story and the details. He sees what we can’t, and we can trust His leadership.

Fill my cup, Lord

Run it over

Give me love, give me joy

Give me peace

Fill my cup, Lord

Run it over

I am Your child in need

Lord, I need You

Fill my house up with hope

Fill my plans up with purpose

Fill my wounds up with healing (ooh, ooh, ooh)

Lord, I need You (to fill my cup)

Fill my days up with meaning

Fill my future with vision

Goodness, grace, and provision (ooh, ooh, ooh)

Lord, I need You (to fill my cup)

lyrics by Andrew Ripp

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