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Why does God allow us to go through painful things?

Sometimes it’s a result of our own choices. Remember, Israel had to wander in the wilderness until an entire generation died off because of one generations choices.

Free will is a very powerful thing. God will not impose His will over ours. For our entire lives we will struggle with this truth in both concept and reality.

But God is always there for us when we are ready to turn, let go of control, and allow Him to take the lead.

The Bible is clear that we are chosen by God, that He is jealous for us, pursues us and watches over us. When we live in His way, obeying His commands, we walk in freedom and wisdom.

We have to keep our focus on the finish line, and at the same time live in the moment. To do this requires the wisdom of God imparted to every believer upon request by Holy Spirit.

When the journey is painful, look for the learning opportunity. God is always using our messes to stretch us, grow us, and make us look more like him.

The question is always the same, will we let Him have control?


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