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Encounter with God

I remember prayer times when nobody wanted to leave the room because it was filled with the presence of God. Have you ever felt that? It’s life-changing. It changes you at a foundational level; you know that you know that God is real!

When we encounter the most high God, the creator of the universe, the giver of life, and the sustainer of everything, we can’t help but be changed.

Last week I wrote about revival, a move of God that touches people over a large area, a city, a country, or even the world. Revival begins with an encounter with God and His overwhelming presence.

I am hungry for an encounter such as this on a large scale. It’s great on a personal level, but it goes to another level when it begins to spread like wildfire.

Revival sprouted at Asbury University after students led a spontaneous, round-the-clock prayer and worship service that lasted two weeks. They encountered the presence of God in a powerful and fresh way… and they didn’t want it to end!

When we are in the presence of God, and He is moving, nobody wants it to end. It is life-changing!

Come Holy Spirit, and fill us up from the inside out.

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