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Matt Wilson is an American Photographer working in Europe for the Farini Modeling Agency. Matt learns that the agency is a front for sex trafficking.

He learns that one of his favorite models, Jaelynn, is also being trafficked. Matt marvels at this truth because he has never once heard Jae complain or mention anything untoward about the Farini's.

Matt hatches a plan to get her out of the agency and into asylum in the US. The plan includes marrying Jaelynn and changing her name to Grace.

Matt is of strong character and a follower of Jesus. He longs for Grace to come to know Jesus as well, but doesn't push her about it. He realizes after being apart from Grace for almost a year, that he is in love with her, not just married to her.

After the long separation and a life altering legal battle they can at last be together with new names and identities in a new location and a new life.

Saving Grace can be purchased through Amazon.

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